Neon X MIUI Theme for Xiaomi with Neon App Icons

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Neon X MIUI Theme for Xiaomi with Neon App Icons

, Neon X MIUI Theme is among the best Xiaomi MIUI themes featuring the Neon Icons. If you love the Neon App Icons on your Phones, it’s one of the perfect and well-fulfilled MIUI themes. Neon Theme for MIUI has neon icons. Many users love to have the Neon experience on Android phones. But for the Xiaomi MIUI users, we have added this Beautiful Theme for MIUI. In this theme, you will get the Neon Icons with the Cool Boot Animation to personalize your Phones.

Neon X MIUI Theme with Neon App Icons

Neon X Theme for MIUI is one of the beautiful and well-customized themes. In this theme, we can find a lot of customized features. Although the MIUI Themes are not customizable for the users like you, you will get the pre-customized but well-loved features.

Similarly, with this Neon X Theme, we can find the changes in the lock screen and overall experience. Like other Best MIUI Themes, we will get the best-customized features.

Neon X Theme for MIUI with Cool Boot Animation

Neon X MIUI Theme for Xiaomi with Neon App Icons

This MIUI Theme has a lot of customized options. In this MIUI Theme, we can find a cool and decent layout. Also, the changes over the lock screen are mind-blowing. Yes, here you will get the beautiful lock screen.

Also, the Neon experience is possible with the Pre-customised Neon X App Icons. If you love the Neon App icons or experience, it’s for you. With these all, we can also find the Neon User experience on this MIUI Theme.

Additionally, changes over the Home Screen with the refreshing wallpaper make it the best MIUI Theme. Besides, we can notice the changes in the control centre of this Neon X MIUI Theme.

As more, this Best MIUI Theme features the change in Boot Animation. If you are worried about the MIUI Boot Animation logo, try this Neon X MIUI Theme with Cool Boot Animation.

Neon MIUI Theme Details

Theme Name Neon X
Theme Size 54.1MB
Compatibility MIUI 12, 12.5, 13 & 14
Designed By Mohamed Nazmy

Download Neon X MIUI Theme

Neon X Theme for MIUI is based on the Neon Icons. If you

love the Neon App Icons and searching for the Download, it’s for you. This Neon Theme for MIUI with Cool Boot Animation is another perfect MIUI Theme

Features of Neon X MIUI Theme

  • Neon App Icon
  • Beautiful Lock Screen
  • Stylish wallpaper
  • Decent Widget
  • Awesome Control Centre
  • Change in Notification Bar
  • Change in Color and Better UI
  • Based on a Minimalist Theme
  • Features the Cool Boot Animation

How to Install MIUI Mtz Theme

The Installation process of MIUI Mtz Third Party themes differs from the standard theme installation from the theme store. To install miui themes mtz, you must first download the mtz theme from the link. We are referencing the Android Q Stock Theme installation guide with Fingerprint Animation.

  • Go to the Play Store, download the MIUI Theme Editor (ChaoMe Theme Editor), and open it.
  • Allow the Permission and Tap on Browse. Now it will open the File Manager of your phone.
  • Find the theme in your file manager or downloads, and pick the one mentioning the file extension .mtz. Here I am picking the Android Q Stock V12.mtz.
  • Now it will take you to the Home Page of your Theme Editor App showing the Loaded MIUI Mtz Theme Pack at the top of the screen.
  • After that, tap/click on START.
  • On the Next Page, it will ask you to choose the required features from a particular theme.
  • Just tap on NEXT.
  • Now tap on the Finish option on your screen’s right downside. An Ad may be displayed there if you are online.
  • After choosing the folder to install that theme on your phone, you can choose any folder. I am choosing the Redmi Note 8>Android>media folder.
  • Tap on ALLOW. It would be best to allow the MIUI Theme Editor to Access files in Media.
  • Now loading being, wait for a just a second.
  • A notification pop-up will be shown with Your Theme has been saved. Do you want to Install it? Tap on INSTALL. Installation process beings there.
  • After a few seconds, you will be notified that Your theme has been installed. Open Theme Manager and apply it. Tap on OK.
  • Now go to the Themes App and Apply the Theme.
  • Finally Done.


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