XiuXiu MIUI Theme for Xiaomi Phones with Minimal Features

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XiuXiu MIUI Theme for Xiaomi Phones with Minimal Features

XiuXiu is a beautiful MIUI Theme for Xiaomi phones. Based on the Customizable features, we will get the best UI experience in this Theme. It features Minimal changes over the UI and comes with the Customizable, which looks attractive on MIUI Devices. Also, it has beautiful App icons, making it a refreshing MIUI theme. Here’s a look at the XiuXiu MIUI Theme.

For the MIUI devices, we can find a lot of themes from the Xiaomi Themes Store and other third-party .mtz Themes. Compared to other devices, Xiaomi allow wide customization features to their users. So, here in this Theme, too, you will get several pre-customized/able features that give a decent experience to the MIUI Devices.

XiuXiu MIUI Theme with Minimal Features

XiuXiu Theme for MIUI is a new and refreshing Theme for MIUI & Minimal Devices. Here, we can find the changes over the LockscreenApp Icons and other Minimal changes over the system UI with this Theme. Also, the changes are seen in some widgets on your MIUI Devices.

Similarly, like on other MIUI themes for Xiaomi, we can also find some decent changes over the default MIUI Theme in your Xiaomi Phones. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that the Themes can only change the Features of the UI (The way it’s shown on your Device). So, we can expect only the change in basic Theme features.

We will get enough customized features based on the Minimal Features here. At first, the lock screen of this Theme was based on the Minimal style lock screen. Similarly, the App icons are closer to the App icons of the new Minimal. We can also find some minimal changes in this Theme.

XiuXiu MIUI Theme Preview.

Here’s a most common look at this Theme. You will get a similar UI on your phone after installing this Theme.

XiuXiu MIUI Theme

Theme Details

Theme NameXiuXiu
Theme Size39.7MB
Designed byAziz Nugroho
Compatible with MIUI 9, 10, 11, 12/12./5, 13, MIUI 14 & Minimal
RemarksBest MIUI Theme with Minimal Features

XiuXiu Xiaomi Theme Download Link

It’s a freemium Xiaomi Theme that you can easily download and apply to MIUI Devices. We used to share each theme’s freely available links and official store links. So, here’s the XiuXiu Theme Download Link,

How to Apply MIUI Themes [From Official Store Link]

Most of the themes mentioned here are listed in Xiaomi’s Themes Store App. So, it’s easy to install those themes within a few taps/steps. Here’s how to install,

  • First, visit this download page from the MI Browser; if you are in another browser like Chrome or Opera, you must copy this link and open it with the MI Browser.
  • Tap on the Official Theme Store Link of any Themes which you like to Apply,
  • Please choose the Option Themes to take this action; it will automatically redirect you to the Themes App, where you will get this theme.
  • Tap on DOWNLOAD; it will start downloading the theme,
  • At last, tap on Apply, that’s all.

How to Import & Apply MIUI Themes [For .MTZ Link]

Due to various reasons, the Themes may get deleted from the Themes Store. Also, only some themes are listed in the Themes Store due to copyright and multiple reasons. So, the .mtz links are used to download that theme. However, installing the .mtz themes is not an easy step like the official store link. Here, installing it would help if you took around 20-30 MinutesMinutes.

Also, sometimes, the installation may fail due to the incorrect steps. Also, some of the latest devices fail to grant permission, which causes an error when applying the MTZ Themes. Anyway, here’s how you can proceed,

  • Download & Open the MTZ Tester App from the Play Store,
  • Open the App and find/locate the MTZ Theme which you want to install,
  • After that, tap on the Select & Apply option there,
  • Now, choose the MTZ Theme which you wish to install/apply,
  • That’s all.

Note: Although you can install the MTZ Themes easily with these steps, it will not last longer. It’s a temporary method to install the MTZ Themes.


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