10 Best MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi Devices

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10 Best MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi Devices

iOS Themes for MIUI is one of the best methods to customize Xiaomi Phones. With these Theme iPhone Xiaomi we can easily customize and give the feel of iOS on Xiaomi Phones. So, here we have included the Best MIUI iOS Theme for Xiaomi Phones.

MIUI is one of the most searched the loved custom UI in Android smartphones compared to other brands UI like OneUI, Realme UI, ColorOS, etc.

Similarly, the best iphone theme for miui 12 contains the smooth experience with impressive outlook. That’s make us to go for the iOS Theme MIUI. Today we are going to share the best ios miui theme (iphone theme xiaomi).

10 Best MIUI iOS Themes for Xiaomi Phones

When we go to the Mi theme store from our Xiaomi phones (Mi, Redmi, and Poco), we get a longer list miui ios theme. So, to make the better customization and fulfil your need of getting the best iPhone-style theme in any Xiaomi phone, we have listed it in short.

1. iOS Bose V11 (Karamel iOS)

iOS Bose v11 theme download, iOS Bose V10/V11 is the first theme based on iOS for MIUI (ios theme for miui). This theme comes with decent features and gives the realistic feeling of the iPhone experience in your Xiaomi phones.

Coming to its icon pack, it’s really like on iPhone. Further, there is the sidebar where you can find some shortcut options like Gallery, Update, etc. Overall, iBose iOS Theme for MIUI is one of the best ios themes for miui 13.

ios 13x pro theme download

ios theme miui 1      

2. iOS Bose v12/ Bose UI v13

It’s another best ios themes for miui 13. This theme looks decent and has premium features. Yes, as the premium theme, you can find its premium features.

ios theme miui 12

miui 12 ios theme

This bose ui v13 miui theme mainly features a battery charging status on the lock screen and looks impressive. Further, there is a clean and realistic look of the iPhone panel in your device. Because of all these premium features and also perfect for MIUI 13, I mentioned it as one of the ios themes for MIUI 13.

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3. iOS 13.1 pro

Searching for the ios 13x pro theme download? iOS 13.1 Pro is fully optimized for all your Xiaomi devices. There is no doubt that this theme is the full ios theme for miui 12. Definitely, we got almost the same looks on the Xiaomi phones.

ios theme for miui 12

ios 13x pro theme download

The icon pack is also fully friendly to phones and has stylish skin on the background. We got a decent impression on the notification panel that it makes you go for it (miui ios theme download).

4. iOS 13 Penyet v12

Searching for the miui iPhone theme (ios theme for miui 12)? iOS 13 Penyet v12 has a stylish, attractive lock screen with different widgets. Here we can find some pre-set widgets based on the iOS style.

Inspired by ios 16 theme for redmi has the date and day widget, cloud and weather widget, battery widget, Footsteps widget, Music widget, etc. the widgets set on this lock screen panel look great. Besides this, we can’t find a more impressive point. Also, it’s one of the best ios theme for miui 11.

ios 13 dual pro theme download

ios 13x pro theme download

If you want a decent lock screen based on iOS, then I think there is no more than the Ultra v13 for your MIUI.

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5. iOS 14 Pro

ios 14 themes for miui 12 (iOS 14 Pro) is another best MIUI iOS themes for MIUI 13 & 13. Mainly I like its long vertical panel showing the charging percentage of the battery on the lock screen. Further, the icon pack also seems great (ios 14 theme download for miui 13).

best ios theme for miui 12

ios 14 theme for miui 11 & 12

Although this ios theme download for redmi icon pack doesn’t represent the proper looks of iPhone devices, it’s better than that. Yes, customized and modified icon packs on this theme may fulfil your desire to get the impressive ios theme miui 12. You can get ios 14 theme for miui 12 download here,

6. iOS Icon Black 2.0

If you want the Xiaomi ios theme with a black design or color iOS style theme on your Xiaomi MIUI, then this Black iOS is perfect for you. As with the real iPhone device, we got the attractive lock screen panel with the torch and camera panel.

ios 14 theme miui 12

ios theme xiaomi

In terms of icon pack then it’s great. Personally, I like the Icon pack of this theme. It’s fully optimized for your MIUI 13. So, iOS Icon Black is one of the best ios theme for MIUI 13.

7. iOS 15 Mod

The best option from the list of best ios theme for miui 12 is the Future Past V13. This theme has an attractive icon pack and the default lock screen as iPhone devices.

full ios theme for miui 12

ios 15 theme for miui 12

The home screen looks attractive and decent. I feel the fast scrolling of the apps and drawers using this theme as like the default classical and limitless ios theme of Xiaomi.

8. iOS 12

Like iOS Bose v12 this is another Xiaomi ios theme with stylish and attractive grids on the lock screen used for different purposes. We have attractive options on the lock screen like the battery panel, weather report, music playback, etc.

Coming to the home screen then, there is an attractive panel of widgets at the top that shows a positive impression towards this theme. Also, the icon pack looks natural.

ios theme for miui 12

full ios theme for miui 12

Further, the control centre is great. There is an attractive and customized panel for your need. Also, you can get the new iOS-based dialer in this them. Overall, it’s another best MIUI ios theme for MIUI 13and later.

9. Minimal iOS 12

iPhone iOS 12 is fully based on MIUI 13. As it’s the reason to say it is one of the best MIUI iOS themes. After applying this theme, we can find an attractive outlook almost identical to the iPhone.

ios theme miui 12

best ios theme for miui 12

Here we can find the attractive home and lock screen with the classic typed watch. To make it easier, we got the panel of smart sidebar like the Xiaomi MIUI from the left side of the home panel.

10. Ios_2

At last, we have mentioned iOS2 as the best ios theme for MIUI 13 devices. This theme is fully optimized and lighter and faster. We can find a smooth and lags free experience while using this theme.

best ios theme for miui 12

Coming to the point, there is the stylish and attractive icon that matches the real outlook of original ios devices. Also, we can find the same and attractive control centre based on MIUI 13.

Final Words

After applying each iOS theme for MIUI, we have this top 10 theme for your Xiaomi MIUI devices. All the best ios themes for miui 12 are made based on their type, style, customization, speed & performance, comment reviews, etc.

We hope this list will fulfil your desire to apply the best iOS themes for MIUI. Finding these 10 lists will make your dream comes true to explore the artificial experience of the iPhone with its skin.


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