Top 6 Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint [Android Mi Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI] 

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Top 6 Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint [Android Mi Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI] 

Aren’t you bored with the same theme on your Xiaomi Smartphones? If you are bored with the same UI Interface in your Redmi and POCO Phones, it’s time to change to the new mi phone themes fingerprint. Here we have prepared the best collection of android mi themes fingerprint locks to give a new look to your device. Okay, let’s have this best Mi Fingerprint Animation Theme Download for now and provide a new look for your phone.

Why Mi Phone Theme Fingerprint

If you love the concept of an In-display fingerprint theme, it’s one of the best options to re-modify your Xiaomi smartphones. This MI Phone Theme Fingerprint features a lot of customization, including the Under-Display fingerprint features.

Although this Fingerprint may not work on non-under-display fingerprint devices, it also gives others decent looks. So, you may love these android mi themes fingerprint lock app downloads for Redmi, Poco, and Mi Phones.

6 Best MI Phone Themes Fingerprint

Do you want to charge for an animation theme download for your Poco Phones? Here are the six best android mi themes fingerprint locks to download and apply once to give your Running Xiaomi phones a new look.


mi phone theme fingerprint

OriginFTW is one of the finest mi phone theme fingerprints featuring the new and customized UI. The UI of this MIUI Theme gives the concept of an Apple Smartphone. Also, the Fingerprint placed on the lock screen with a charging boost looks fantastic.

It will be among the Best Mi Themes Downloads for any Xiaomi smartphone. Here you get this love feel themes fingerprint scanner placed on the lock screen with accessible AI Features. Also, the app icon of this UI is excellent, and you will get an optimized and renewed UI experience in this Xiaomi Theme.


charging animation theme download

Are you searching for a Charging animation theme download to your Redmi phones? Check out this Minimal_Concentric theme based on your MIUI Devices. Inspired by the Cyanogen OS, this MI Phone Themes Fingerprint looks excellent.

Here we get the Dark Mode features, a dark theme with easy navigation from the lock screen. You can manage phone calls, messages and other services from the lock screen.

Additionally, the app icon and dialer change make you feel different than before in your MIUI Devices.


display fingerprint theme download

Like Minimal_Conecentric, it’s another best display fingerprint theme download based on Dark Mode. This Redmi Theme also features dark mode. It’s the best MI Dark Theme to feature the best and Optimized UI experience.

From the lock screen, you can get direct access to the camera, phone dialer, web browser, messages, etc. Easily. In all, it’s one of the best alternatives to a Minimal theme.


android mi themes fingerprint lock apk download

Inspired by the Minimal_Concentric and OriginFTW, this light theme will be another best fingerprint theme download for your Xiaomi phones. This theme features the Under-display Fingerprint on the lock screen.

From the lock screen, you can access the lock screen and essential features like phone calls, messaging, etc.

Regarding the app icon, here we can also get the new icon with minor changes in the control centre layout.

Magic Array

The Si-Fi and Magical Mi themes can’t even be seen. This Magic Array is one of the most beautiful themes for your Xiaomi devices. This theme features the unique Fingerprint placed on the lock screen. The Fingerprint has some basic app features on the lower middle of your lock screen.

fingerprint animation theme download
mi phone themes fingerprint

Its Swastik design-based App icon also gives the unique feel of religion (Hindu). Besides the lock screen, you can also notice differences in its app icon and minor UI effects on the Control Center.

Ferris Heaven

mi phone themes fingerprint

The last theme from Best MI Phone Themes Fingerprint is Ferris Heaven. This in-display fingerprint theme download for redmi comes with the stylish Fingerprint placed on the lock screen. You can get the small fingerprint icon set on the lock screen.

With the custom wallpaper, the theme background looks different and fancy. Besides, you will get minor changes and effects on the whole system, including the Control Center.


How do I use Mi themes?

After downloading the MI Phone themes fingerprint, you can apply it easily from the Themes App of your mi phone.

How do I create a custom theme in MI?

You can customise the theme using the MI Theme Designer and create a new one.

How do I download the ronix theme?

To Download Ronix Theme, you can visit our site and download it directly from the Download Link.

Which theme is best in MI?

Ronix love feel theme fingerprint, and Realx Legacy are the best in-display fingerprint theme downloads for redmi.

How to get android mi themes fingerprint lock apk download?

You can download the Realx Legacy Theme and other android mi themes fingerprint lock for free from the

Where to download android mi themes fingerprint lock vivo?

You can download the best mi fingerprint theme for vivo to unlock.

Is android mi themes fingerprint lock apk free?

You can download the Realme Legacy Theme for Xiaomi for free to get the best mi phone themes fingerprint.


These are the best android mi theme fingerprint lock for realme and redmi phones. Hope you like these best mi phone themes fingerprint. Here we have selected the best redmi fingerprint theme download link for you.

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