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Dynamic Island Xiaomi Download

After the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the smartphone world got a new feature called Dynamic Island. Dynamic Theme Xiaomi is one of the cool features seen on the iPhone first. Later on, we can also get this Dynamic Island Android. Here’s the Smart Pill Dynamic Island Xiaomi Download to enable dynamic Island.

Here we are if you want the Best MI Theme to get the Dynamic Island Theme MIUI. Here we will mention the Dynamic Island MIUI Theme Name for your Xiaomi and the process to enable Dynamic Island in Xiaomi phones.Dynamic island miui theme download

Dynamic Island Xiaomi Download (Smart Pill)

Are you searching for Dynamic Theme MIUI 13? If yes, then try this Smart Pill Dynamic Theme Xiaomi. This is one of the official Global themes for Xiaomi designed by Color. It’s one of the most downloaded themes in a short time.

Based on iOS Theme, it comes with many cool customisation features. Here you can get the Default iOS UI on your phone. With the clean and iPhone-style lock and the whole system, you will get better relaxation while using this Dynamic Island Theme MIUI for free.

Smart Pill – Dynamic Theme MIUI 13

Here we are mentioning the Dynamic Island MIUI Theme Name, Smart Pill. It’s one of the unique themes for Redmi and POCO Devices to feature the Cool system UI experience in Lock Screen.Dynamic island miui theme name

Features of Dynamic Island Theme Xiaomi

This new Dynamic island app for Android Xiaomi features some unique as it’s just a theme, so we can’t expect enough here. But still, this Dynamic island Theme MIUI comes with some effective changes to your system. Here’re the Dynamic Theme MIUI 13 Features,

  • Features content running in the background, like times and music controls.
  • Show interactions like Face ID, AI Unlocking, Incoming Calls and Notifications.
  • Easy to expand with a single tap, it’s interactive nature.
  • This dynamic island Xiaomi can display both active as well as background tasks.
  • Notice the live activities features, and get live sports to score on the following games. Etc.

Smart Pill Dynamic Island Theme MIUI Details

Name Dynamic Island (Smart Pill)
Designed By Color
File Size 6MB
Compatibility Version MIUI 12, MIUI 12.5, MIUI 13

Dynamic island miui theme download

Dynamic Island Theme Download

You can download this Dynamic Island Xiaomi Theme easily on your Xiaomi devices. Whether it’s POCO, Redmi or MI Phones, you can download it directly from the Theme Store of Xiaomi. Besides, if your country doesn’t support this theme, you can download it from the Download link we provided below.dynamic island app for android


How to enable Dynamic Island in Xiaomi (xiaomi dynamic island tema)?

To Enable Dynamic Island in Xiaomi, you don’t need to Install any Third-party apps and Launchers on your phone. You can download the Dynamic Island Xiaomi theme like Smart Pill to get the features.

Does Xiaomi have Dynamic Island?

Officially Xiaomi has not yet launched the Dynamic Island Phone, but you can experience the features using the dynamic island android app or the Dynamic Island Theme MIUI.

Can I get Dynamic Island on Android?

After the iPhone 14 Pro, all the Android Smartphones companies are working on Dynamic Island Android.

Is the Dynamic Island app safe?

Dynamic Island is a kind of advanced Pop-up feature, a safe and Unique feature to see.

What is the use of Dynamic Island?

This dynamic island Show interaction like Face ID, AI Unlocking, Incoming Calls and Notifications.

How to Install Dynamic Theme MIUI 13

To install miui themes mtz, you must first download the mtz theme from the link. We are referencing the Android Q Stock Theme installation guide with Fingerprint Animation.

  • Go to the Play Store, download the MIUI Theme Editor(ChaoMe Theme Editor), and open it.
  • Allow the Permission and Tap on Browse. Now it will open the File Manager of your phone.
  • Find the theme in your file manager or downloads and pick the one mentioning the file extension .mtz. Here I am picking the Android Q Stock V12.mtz.
  • Now it will take you to the Home Page of your Theme Editor App showing the Loaded MIUI Mtz ThemePack at the top of the screen.
  • After that tap/click on START.
  • On the Next Page, it will ask you to choose the required features from a particular theme.
  • Just tap on NEXT.
  • Now tap on the FINISH option shown on the right downside of your screen. An Ad may be displayed there if you are online.
  • After choosing the folder to install that theme on your phone, you can choose any folder. I am choosing the Redmi Note 8>Android>media folder.
  • Tap on ALLOW. Here you need to allow the MIUI Theme Editor to Access files in Media.
  • Now loading being, wait for a just a second.
  • A notification pop-up will be shown with Your Theme has been saved. Do you want to Install it? Tap on INSTALL. Installation process beings there.
  • After a few seconds, you will be notified that your theme has been installed. Open Theme Manager and apply it. Tap on OK.
  • Now go to the Themes App and Apply the Theme.
  • Finally Done.

For better, you can reboot your device. After rebooting, we got a better response of any themes than the direct use after applying.

Final Words

Dynamic Island Theme MIUI is one of the unique themes Xiaomi features out the best UI experience. It’s one of the best iOS themes to feature these cool features. Here we have mentioned the Dynamic iSland MIUI Theme Name, Dynamic island MIUI Theme Download and the process to Install the Dynamic island in Xiaomi.


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