4 Best iPhone Themes for MIUI 9

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4 Best iPhone Themes for MIUI 9

Are you searching for the best iPhone Theme for MIUI 9? Here is the MIUI 9 iOS Theme Download link for you. This article mentions the best iOS Theme for MIUI 9, MIUI 10, 11, 12 & MIUI 13 Devices.

iOS Theme for MIUI is one of the best methods to get an Apple iPhone experience in such a budget phone. Using these best iOS Themes for MIUI, you can understand the iPhone. So, why do people use to explore the best iPhone Theme for MIUI 9 devices here?

4 Best iPhone Themes for MIUI 9 and New Phones

So, guys, if you love an iPhone and willing to get explore its experience, then it’s for you. Today we will mention the Full iOS Theme for MIUI 9 devices. 

Check out this iOS Theme for Redmi and Poco Phones. We have provided the best Redmi Themes for iOS for you.


iOSkB MIUI Theme is compatible with your MIUI Running on MIUI 11, MIUI 12, MIUI 12.5, and Latest MIUI 13 Devices. If you are looking for the Best Themes for MIUI that can give your device a refreshing new look and enhance the overall layout, then iOSkB MIUI is a perfect choice. 

ios miui theme download

It’s an ideal combination of a fancy look and stylish features with a premium outlook. It will probably be one of the best MIUI themes for regular use.

iOS 14 Pro

Ios 14 theme for miui 12 (iOS 14 Pro) is another best iPhone Themes for MIUI 9. I like its long vertical panel showing the charging percentage of the battery on the lock screen. Further, the icon pack also seems excellent.

best ios theme for miui 12

Although the icon pack doesn’t represent the good looks of iPhone devices, it’s better than that. Yes, customized and modified icon packs on this theme may fulfil your desire to get the impressive ios theme miui 12.

iOS 12 (5)

This iPhone Theme MIUI is the fifth series of iOS MIUI themes. This theme comes with a decent lock screen. The screen lock of this MIUI Theme looks great. Inspired by iOS here, we get a fantastic glance at the lock screen.

iphone 8 theme for miui

Here the major noticeable features of this theme are embedded on the lock screen. Its iOS-style lock screen looks excellent. The custom and easy navigation widgets placed on the lock screen give the outermost best UI for the Users and others.

Ios DZ 

Another great MIUI 9 iOS Theme Download is iOS DZ. This theme comes with a unique lock screen. Compared to other Best iOS Theme for Xiaomi, this iPhone theme for MIUI looks excellent.

iphone x theme miui

The unique icon placed on the down screen of the lock screen gives the first and best impression to the users. From the lock screen, you can take control and easily access the Music, Dialer, messages and other app features.

iOS 13.1 pro 

Searching for the best iPhone theme for miui 9? iOS 13.1 pro is fully optimized for all Xiaomi devices. There is no doubt that this theme is the full ios theme for miui 12. We got almost the same looks on the Xiaomi phones.

ios theme for miui 12

The icon pack is also fully friendly to phones and has stylish skin on the background. We got a decent impression on the notification panel that it makes you go for it.


If you want an iPhone experience in your Xiaomi phones, then these best iPhone themes for miui nine work for you. Here we have mentioned some topmost MIUI 9 iOS Theme Download Links.


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